*NEW* Oak Clipboard


You already love our frames.... BUT you need something different that you can easily swap letter size prints and pieces? Homeschoolers? Small biz owners? Teachers? Designers? Photographers? We HEAR you and we designed something JUST FOR YOU. 

Our *NEW* Delta Girl clipboards have been 6 months in the making. We're branching out - pun intended and have made these beautiful pieces out of stunning red oak. Each clipboard is a labor of love as we biscuit join together three separate pieces of oak into one beautiful board - and then hand sand and finish to give the stunning and cohesive look of one solid piece of bleachy oak. Each clipboard will be completely unique and different. Each are finished with your choice of either a gold or matte black clip. Boards come completely finished and waxed and ready to be hung with clips attached on the back for easy installation. 

Now the only choice is... how many can you fit within your favorite Delta Girl gallery wall??

Overall size of each board is: 10.5x14”