13-Piece Neutral Stunner


We love custom designs and creating for your homes, but more often than not, our clients are looking for the predesigned gallery collections that they can put anywhere.  Enter our beautiful 13 piece black, white and gray stairway stunner.  She’s all of our favorite things mixed into one – beachy shades of white, 3 different shades of gray, and timeless pops of black. We loved it so much, that we actually designed it for our own staircase –  so welcome to my house and a glimpse into my life (littlest) Delta Girl crew!  We wanted something to showcase our favorite memories and wanted something our kids would love to be a part of as they grow and my endless art collection does as well.  Adding a cork board to the mix was an awesome update to a traditional stair gallery wall. Give new look to your set by adding new kid art, your favorite cards/mementos, or inspirational print. And, we even mixed in some of our favorite non-Delta Girl pieces as well to give it that fun collected feel!  Make sure to check out the sources to those below!  Without further ado-from left to right the collection is as follows!

3 -5×5, 4″ frames:

 -The top is based in Caviar with a Dover White pattern finished with a Dover White lotus trim

 -The middle is based in Dover White with Caviar diagonal pinstripes finished in    a Caviar tiny dot trim

 -The bottom frame is based in Caviar with Dover White hermitage 1/2 frame pattern finished with a Dover White tiny dot trim

16×20, 4″ Corkboard done in a Dover White wash finished in a Caviar herringbone trim

5×7, 4″ based in Dover White with a Dovetail Gray Delta Triangle Trim finished with a Proper Gray colonial trim

8×8, 4″ “Whoopsss!” frame based in Dover White, with our Caviar Whoops drip pattern finished in a Caviar tiny dot trim (stand alone frame here)

11×14, 4″ Westchester gray wash with a silver embossed trim

5×7, 6″ frame based in Dover White with a Caviar Sevilla pattern finished with a Caviar tiny dot trim

5×7, 2″ mini frame done in solid Caviar

5×5, 4″ frame based in Westchester Gray with a Dovetail Gray Tribal pattern finished with a Dovetail Gray herringbone trim

5×5, 4″ frame based in Dover White with Perfect Gray pinstripes finished with a Perfect Gray colonial trim

5×7, 4″ based in caviar with our Dover White crosshatch 1/2 frame pattern and pinstripe and finished with a Dover White lotus trim

11×14, 4″ frame based in Caviar with a Dover White honeycomb pattern finished in a Caviar railed trim

EXTRAS! (Not included but shown) Because, we love bringing in other components into gallery walls!

Letterfolk letter board

-Print in our graywash from Rifle Paper Co.

“Hey Y’all” sign

-Star and other salvage finds courtesy our endless antique hunting 🙂


Handmade (literally). Handpainted (literally). Using Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint. Made from high quality pine. Glued and v-nailed for extra stability. 13+ steps used. No two exactly alike. Expect unique sanding, glazing and distressing touches.

Frames are delivered ready to hang – with saw tooth hanger, flexible framers points for easy photo/print installation – and glass available (not included) for frames 11×14 and smaller.

At checkout please select if you prefer a vertical or horizontal orientation.

ALL frames are custom made to order within 4-6 weeks.

*In a rush?! No problem. A RUSH fee is available at check out if you would like your frame delivered within 2 weeks (+$30). You will receive an order confirmation once purchased; and a tracking number once your frame has shipped via Fedex Ground.