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How to mix picture frames in a gallery wall

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We love our frames. The ones we own. The ones we make for our customers. The ones we gift to family and friends. It’s no secret our frames are something special.

But what if I were to tell you that- gasp- we own frames from other stores and makers. The horror! Ha. You may wonder, ponder, and ask why when we have access to some of the most gorgeous frames. The truth is that we didn’t always have walls filled with Delta Girl. We had walls filled with frames from Pottery Barn, Home Goods, and small businesses like ours. And while you may think it easy to take said frames and replace with our Delta Girl gorgeousness, it isn’t. Time gets in the way. Priorities take precedent. And, to be honest, some of them we still just love. They hold a special place in our heart and we aren’t ready to let them go.

So what to do when you’ve got a hodge podge of frames? Mix ’em up. We’ve come to love an eclectic and organic mixture of things we love in our home. And I know we aren’t alone. Some of our amazing customers have done the same. Therefore, I give you our favorites hybrids.


1- Here’s an example in our own home. Because if we can do it, you can too. You’ll see to the left all of my gorgeous photos from a trip to Greece in crisp white Pottery Barn frames. In an office space, though, you need to have some functionality. Just make sure it looks good- like our cork board insert in any of our frames. Hello, lovely.

2- A dear friend of ours created this adorable foyer moment featuring one of our frames, a tabletop frame from an unnamed source, and her 3 sons pairs on Hunter Boots. My inner prep just screams with joy at this photo. Fancy antler frame for the win. Additionally, who doesn’t love a chippy piece of gorgeous furniture?

3- How about the mix our Delta Girl Frames with not just off-the-rack frames but also custom artwork? It all works seamlessly here at our customers home. In fact, it’s all complimentary with a different sizes, shapes, and prints included. Wherever you can incorporate not just a mixture of frames, but also canvas options- do it.

4- Even though none of our frames are in the Rifle Paper Co. headquarters in Orlando – YET- a girl can dream they’d fit perfectly with this wall we oogled over during a recent visit. Doesn’t it appear as if these frames were collected over time? That’s the best result from decorating by mixing- imperfect perfection that conveys intention without being stuffy.

Frames unknown BUT awesome; photo by @deltagirlframes


While we love our purely DGF gallery walls, there is something to be said about mixing it up. Variety can boost creativity. It can give a sense of your stories. It can bring life to your memories. Bringing an organic feel into your home and decor takes time. In essence, you need to have patience as your style forms over time. So even though you may crave all of the same, sometimes different is better. In life and in frames.

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